Well I Never Saw That Coming….

That’s what millions of people are saying as they find their bank accounts drained or their credit cards maxed out. You’re probably aware of “skimming”, but if not, check out this video and take all measures to protect yourself. Try to avoid self-serve kiosks, but if you do use them, check the reader BEFORE swiping your card to determine whether a skimmer has been installed. I was at a local discount club earlier today and noticed that their pumps have strips on the card readers to demonstrate safety. At attendant told me earlier that they check the strips daily for evidence of tampering.

Restaurants – if your server retains your card for longer than you think is necessary, monitor your account for unauthorized activity and file the required disputes immediately. Whether your debit or credit card is breached, there are remedies. But, enduring the initial investigation process will seem like it takes forever if your account balance is ZERO. Use a credit card whenever possible and pay the balance from your bank account to avoid a crook having immediate and unlimited access to your funds. After all, you really CAN’T be too careful!

Harvard Risk Management Scam Prevention Tips – YouTube.

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