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We offer the following resources as information only relative to budgeting, spending wisely, saving for a rainy day, and living better for less. Note that Saver’s is neither affiliated with the entities below, nor makes any representation about the accuracy or quality of information, products, or services which may be available from such sites.


Conserving Money offers money-saving tips, but goes further to offer long-term strategies to ensure continued success down the road. NOTE: like this and other sites, the content is information, and not “advice”, but seems sound and useful.


Budget 101: How to Live a Lot on a Little by Holly Goodman. In this easy read, Holly shares the events of her life leading to the skills she acquired. The concepts shared are simple and include methods that everyone can understand and actually adopt. Particularly insightful is the overriding theme throughout the book: “Attitude is Everything.” Budget 101 is available thru Barnes & Noble; Amazon; and is featured on various sites including, Conserving Money and others.


Angie’s List is a word-of-mouth network of reviews by consumers like you. Angie compiles information on a variety of service providers to help ensure your money is spent wisely. The site also offers an option to sign up for alerts on “Big Deals” on a variety of services across the country. While not all services are rated, the list is extensive. Information spans a wide array of topics from plumbing to pet care; professional home stagers sharing affordable decorating ideas; home protection and pest control; and and so much more.


P&G Everyday (Proctor & Gamble) is a great source for coupons, samples, product reviews and expert advice on a variety of household topics. Using coupons is an easy way to cut shopping costs consistently. Using your coupons in stores that double the value on certain days saves even more. The site also offers an article library on entertaining as well as sprucing up your home without the need to bring in professionals.


Suze Orman is one of the nation’s leading authorities on all things financial. Her site offers a wealth of tools, resources, articles and valuable advice on getting and staying ahead of the financial curve.

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