How to Identify Spoof Email

We’ve all received offers that simply seem too good to be true – there’s a reason for that. is a great source for fraud identification and prevention tips. NEVER CLICK ANY LINK in any email unless you are familiar with the …

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Avoid Gift Card Fraud This Holiday Season

Gift cards are always popular, but fraudsters continue to find ways to drain the value before the intended recipient gets a chance to use their gift. Susan Johnston shares some advice on how to protect yourself from loss this holiday …

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Black Friday Deals 2014

Looking for BLACK FRIDAY DEALS? Not just for today, but all through the year? Check out – your source for upcoming deals on virtually everything. Be the first on your block to know what retailers are offering deals on …

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How Clean is the Plane You’re On?

Ever wonder how well the planes we fly are cleaned between flights? Turns out, there are no rules regarding this measure. Fasten your seatbelts before checking out this video.

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Overview of Section 529 Savings Plans

[SOURCE: on college savings] A Section 529 plan (named after the section of the Internal Revenue Code permitting its use) is an option for ensuring that a child’s college expenses are covered. There are two types of plans – …

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