Honoring Sandy Hook

It’s been a hectic, hectic holiday season, but that’s no excuse for this very delinquent post. Our hearts go out for the families suffering loss of loved ones in the horrific event on December 14, 2012. Residents of Newtown are touched and grateful for the stuffed animals and other items provided to date, but have asked that future support be shown in a different form due to the number of items received. If you’d like to help, this article at ctpost.com sets out multiple ways to help those Newtown residents still aching from the experience. No child should have to witness the events of that day, much less watch their playmates fall to the ground before their eyes. On behalf of the families of the village of Sandy Hook and residents of Newtown, thanks for your gift in honor of those innocent victims. (This post is informational only. Savers has no affiliation with the United Way assisting with this effort and derives no incentive as a result of any donation you may wish to make.)

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