We realize that many talented people are seeking employment.  Forward your resume to info@saversrevenge.com and we’ll post it for you.  Please notify us when you land your perfect job so we can avoid stale content.  Don’t underestimate the power of networking.  After all, the next hand you shake may be that of your new boss!  See the tips below to evaluate your career path -

  • Don’t panic & don’t rush into anything
  • Now’s your chance to improve your situation, so think carefully about where you are going & how to get there
  • Take inventory of your talents & be honest in your self-assessment
  • Tell your friends, family & colleagues about your search so they can listen for opportunities
  • Consider your PERSONAL SKILLS, i.e. whether you are adaptable, conscientious, detail-oriented, systematic, resourceful, decisive, intuitive, etc.
  • Evaluate your FUNCTIONAL SKILLS, or your strengths, such as your ability to motivate others, negotiate terms/conditions, prioritize projects, produce results, delegate responsibilities, manage corporate budgets, build teams, etc.
  • Assess your TECHNICAL SKILLS in areas of accounting, quality control, manufacturing, inventory management, equipment repair, marketing, business development, preparing proposals, writing grants, etc.
  • MAKE A LIST of your “wants” and “must haves” for negotiating your position including, of course, benefits & compensation
  • Determine what is truly important such as physical location, work environment, shift hours, overtime, travel, ability to balance personal & work life, corporate culture, management style, access to resources necessary to perform the function, prestige & reputation of the organization, the products &/or services offered by the company, etc.

Check out this career blogspot to get you started & good luck with your search!

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