One-Size-Fits-All Legal Services

What should you know? There are many providers of wills, powers of attorney, business start-up kits, etc. Before buying, understand that while these services are convenient, fast and simple, they might not be tailored to address your specific needs. This …

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If You Don’t Think You Qualify For Bank Rates, Think Again

The Bank On Movement is Sweeping the Nation Promising Greater Access to Basic Financial Services | New America Blogs.

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Avoiding Foreclosure

If you are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payments, you may qualify for certain programs sponsored by the Departments of the Treasury & Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Specific restrictions apply, so talk with your lender to determine your eligibility. …

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Free Ongoing Tips on Saving, Investing, Travel & More

Yes, FREE – is a great source for ways to save money immediately, as well as building your nest egg. Stacey Johnson provides stock information and shares his stock buys with you –  an amazing resource. Sign up for …

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IRS Warns of Identity Theft

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